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August 2018

Hospice Ethiopia’s website gets a new look!

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As we have mentioned, every person has a special talent that could benefit Hospice Ethiopia.  We have partners that help review our finances, partners that help share our story across the world, partners that have raised funds to purchase a new vehicle for us, partners that use their swimming talents to create sponsored swimming events to raise funds.  Recently,  Stephanie came from the US to tour our facility and is now helping update our website!

Our new website includes many new features, such as options to DONATE to our US and UK non-profit partnerships, sign-up for our NEWSLETTER , keep updated on our BLOG post and learn more about our patients in the  PATIENT STORIES section and and most importantly explore HOW YOU CAN HELP within the website. Please browse the new site and contact us today to let us know how your talents may help Hospice Ethiopia!

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