The aim of Hospice Ethiopia is to improve the quality of life of patients with incurable diseases and support their families through provision of holistic palliative care services.

Established in 2003 by Tsigerada YisfaWessen, Hospice Ethiopia is a community base, not-for-profit organization that provides comprehensive palliative and hospice care and support to cancer and/or HIV and AIDS patients.

The high demand for care of chronically ill patients cannot be dealt with by the government health service alone, even in the most optimal health care system. This calls for efficient community, home-based and palliative care centers where terminally ill patients are provided with the necessary care they need.

Our staff see an average of 6 outpatients a day and our offices are open every day for drop-in patient services or emotional support. These are other areas our team works to provide support:

  • Provide quality palliative care for our patients and support for their families
  • Provide palliative care training for health professionals and allied professionals
  • Create awareness for policy makers and the general public

Hospice Ethiopia does not receive any government funding.  Our services are 100% funded by the generosity of those that have compassion for our patients.   Please contact us for more information about our program or details on how you can partner with us!