We at Hospice Ethiopia are very excited to be working with these board members and are very grateful to them for their service.  We are hoping that by working together we can make Hospice Ethiopia stronger and provide quality palliative care for more patients in the future.

  • Yoseph Mamo, MD (Chairman)
  • Zekarias Wolde (Vice Chair)
  • Rahel Abayneh (Member)
  • Getachew Mekonnen (Member)

Hospice Ethiopia is registered under Charities and Societies Proclamation No 631/2009, Certificate number 0082.



Hospice Ethiopia is thankful for many partnerships and is always looking for additional partners that will share the passion and love for those suffering with life-threatening illnesses.

You do not need to live in Ethiopia to support those in need, nor do you need to be a large organization.  We would love to partner with individuals who would like to purchase a bed, a meal or medicine for those in need.   Please click here to see how you may join our team and support Hospice Ethiopia.

Below are partners we want to thank for their continued support:

Other professional Hospice network associations:



“Hospice Ethiopia relies on the generosity of it’s partners to maintain support to our patients. We greatly appreciate each and every one of them.”

Ephrem Abathun, Executive Director Hospice Ethiopia

Jim came to help us review our finance and also help with future planning ideas. His visit was very helpful and we enjoyed meeting him.

Thank You Jim!

Hospice Ethiopia provides free drugs, so that the dying have relief from pain. It provides medical attention to alleviate the worst symptoms. It gives support, so that patients can care for themselves and, in many cases, their children. The care it gives is home-based: Hospice Ethiopia no longer has the funds for ward patients.

Nurse Sue