Fantaya has cervical cancer, she came to Addis Ababa to seek medical treatment from her village, which was about 400 km (240 miles) away.

By the time Fantaya sought treatment, she was living with sever infections and her cancer had progressed.   In Africa, there are very few areas in which you can be treated for cancer.  There is still only one radiography machine for a population of 106 million people.  Many will die waiting for this treatment.  At the time of her diagnosis, she was married with two boys  (20 and 14).  The symptoms from her cancer caused her to become an outcast in her family and community.   This is when she knew she had to make the journey to Addis Abba to seek treatment.

As Fantaya began treatment she got word her husband had left her for another women.  Her oldest son, upset with the actions of his father,  confronted him with his infidelity and the father, not wanting to change his behavior, ended up killing the son by poisoning his drink. Fantaya got word of this as she continued to seek treatment for her cancer.  Her other son moved to Addis Ababa to continue his schooling and be close to his mother.

While in Addis awaiting for radiation treatment (which could take may years to be eligible), she ran out of money, had no ability to support herself.  Hospice Ethiopia (HE) not only has provided Fantaya with medicine to help reduce infection as she battles cancer, they have provided money for rent and food from their comfort fund.

We had the opportunity to visit with Fantaya (see below video).  In the video she shares how that without Hospice Ethiopia’s support we would not have met her.  They have provided regular medicine, a mattress and blankets and tremendous emotional support.  She says that they know her so well that they can see if she is sad before she even shares with them.  She prays that God will provide additional support for the work they are doing.

Please take time to watch one the below video as Fantaya shares her thanks for the work at Hospice Ethiopia.