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  • Hospice Ethiopia takes the initiative to inform the public of its importance to the local people
  • A number of workshops have been organised to create awareness in the public
  • The children have the opportunity to be looked after by the hospice staff on selected days of the w
  • The hospice staff nurses look after the patients
  • The staff take time off to check on the patients registered with the organisation



It is humbling to know of the superb work done by Hospice Ethiopia with limited resources. All power to them and to the support from PBL. We really don't know we're born in this country even when our serices are being so hard pressed, Hospice Ethiopia are inspirational by displaying their personal, altruistic care to fellow human beings and we should all strive to follow that example.
“Tim Wayne”

I profoundly admire this glimpse of the work of Hospice Ethiopia. I am especially pleased and grateful that Hospice Ethiopia has the support of staff at Priscilla Bacon Lodge in the UK, who have won the admiration of countless patients and families over the years, and I trust that Hospice Ethiopia will find a similarly special place in the hearts of all those for whom it cares. Every good wish for your wonderful, priceless work.


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: Registered under Charities and Societies Proclamation No. 621/2009, Certificate number 0082.

Profile: Founded in 2003, Hospice Ethiopia (HE) is an indigenous non- governmental, not-for-profit, secular, legally registered organization working in the area of comprehensive palliative care for patient's serious illnesses. The aim of Hospice Ethiopia is to improve the quality of life of patients, with all incurable diseases and the patients’ families through provision of palliative care and support services... Read More Fact Sheet