Meet Nanni, one of our HIV positive patients. Nanni came to hospice very dehydrated with sever vomiting and diarrhea.  Her family had abandoned her and she was in need of both physical and emotional support.  She lives in simple means, as with many people in Ethiopia.  She had a very hard bed and could not support herself financially.  In addition to helping her manage the HIV virus by giving her the needed antiviral treatments we gave her a mattress and items to make her bedding comfortable and we are paying her rent so she can rest and not worry about the roof over her head.

As you can see in the pictures and video below, our staff brighten these patients day.  We work to lend support to their spiritual needs as well as physical.  In just an short time, Nanni sat up and visited with us with the most beautiful smile ever.

If you would like to support patients providing medicine, paying rent or purchasing housing items for our patients, please click here.  Thank you for taking time to meet Nanni and understand the needs of Hospice Ethiopia.