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Quality of Care

  • To improve quality of life for patients suffering from cancer and/or HIV/AIDS through holistic palliative care services at the Hospice Ethiopia Care Center and at home;
  • To support the families of patients through grief counseling and financial aid;
  • To provide psychosocial and spiritual care for our patients;

Below are some of the cases we have handled:

 News & Events 




To make the participant to understand the networking and governance


Nigeria , Ethiopia , Malawi, Liberia , Ghana , Kenya , Uganda , Malawi, Bangladesh , India , Pakistan and Zambia  and  South Sudan . Most of the country plat form are working on Immunization and  support by GAVI Fund.

The component of the training

1.       Network and ownership and Governance and membership management

2.       Role and responsibility of network s and members

3.       How to coordinate a network and managing conflict of interest in the members

4.       Sustainability

5.       Resource mobilization

6.       Evaluation

Hospice Ethiopia is one of the Ethiopian Civil Society health forum platform members. We have got a chance to participate the training. It was very useful to assess and see the gap of our organization and do something for future.

Organized by: CRS in collaboration of CCRDA