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History of Hospice Ethiopia


2000-2003: S/r Tsigereda is offered a scholarship from Africa

Hospice Uganda for their palliative care education

program. Shereceived her diploma in palliative care in


2003: With seven other members, S/r Tsigereda founds Hospice

Ethiopia. S/rTsigereda transforms a room in her home into the Hospice

Ethiopia office and begins the home-based care program with 20

volunteer caregivers trained by Yeka Sub-city Health Bureau.

2006-2008: S/r Tsigereda signs a Memorandum of Understanding with

AMREF which allowed Hospice Ethiopia to train 104

volunteers, hire anurse, pay for transportation, move the
Hospice Ethiopia office,purchase office equipment, and

last but certainly not least,increase the beneficiaries to

704 HIV/AIDS patients.

2008:Hospice Ethiopia applies and is admitted to the African

Palliative Care Association and the Foundation of Hospice for

Sub-Saharan Africa,the umbrella organization for Caris Health

care. Caris Health care offers Hospice Ethiopia funding which is used to

hire a nurse for Home-Based Care.

2009:Funding is offered through True Colour Trust for the project “To

Strengthen Hospice Ethiopia.” This funding was earmarked for nurse

training, patient welfare, and transportation. With this funding Hospice

Ethiopia sponsored a nurse to receive a certificate in palliative care

from Hospice Africa Uganda.  Included in patient welfare are food,

medication, and hygiene supplies. Transportation includes nurses visiting

patients in the home based program as well as patient transportation

from home to hospital.

2010:Through local fund-raising and a donation from Caris

Healthcare, the Hospice Care Center was established. The

centerincludes ten patient beds and the Hospice Ethiopia

administrativeheadquarters with a staff of 8.

2011:Hospice Ethiopia facilitates a training sponsored by Ethiopian

North American Health Providers Association and Friends of Hospice

Africa USA. The training team, Dr. Dan, Dr. Karen, and Dr. Jane, are

inspired by the work of S/r Tsigereda and Hospice Ethiopia and raise

funds to hire a project manager.