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The Hospice-Ethiopia was established on 2003 after I graduated from Mekererye University affiliated to Hospice Africa Uganda on palliative care specialization. The organization secured its legal personality through a certificate of registration bearing the number 0082, Hospice Ethiopia is non-governmental and non- profit making organization that is dedicated to the palliative care that is pain management and aspires to support patients who have suffering by total pain in Ethiopia.

Hospice Ethiopia is working on three major areas that are providing palliative care service for the patients and the families, palliative care training for health professionals and allied professionals and create awareness for policy maker and public in general.

It is our will and conviction that the integration of palliative care into the continuum of care in health services is a real necessity for reducing pain and suffering. This will improve the quality of life among the sick and restore hope. To date Hospice Ethiopia has cared for more than thousand patients.

Hospice Ethiopia is working with Hospitals and Community based and Faith based organization particularly on patient’s referral and awareness creation work. On parallel closely working with MOH on improving the palliative care work in the hospital.

Hospice Ethiopia is doing its palliative care work through deferent model like home based care, outpatient and outreach and day care service. However we are providing the pain medication free for the patient  

Almost 11 years ago when Hospice Ethiopia commenced, there were three in the team and finances available for few months. Hospice Ethiopia has grown since then to 13 team members working in the office.  Effective caring requires above all, the team members who are deeply in sympathy with the ethos of palliative care and have the knowledge and skills to deliver it.

  • It is through advocating to the Government of Ethiopia that palliative care is an essential clinical service for all  in the Health Sector and start in the 9 hospital of Addis Ababa  to implement pain management and train nurses and doctors and pharmacist make available morphine for all hospitals

Over the next three  years Hospice Ethiopia will concentrate its efforts in the  major strategic plan :

  •  Maintain and Expand Hospice and Palliative Care Services - Patient Care
  • Develop and Maintain Sustainable source of Funding and Diversification of Income
  • Strengthen Organizational Capacity
  • Strengthen Partnership and Networking
  • Advocacy and Training
  • Strategic Communication
  • Infrastructure strengthening Hospice Ethiopia Financial infrastructure, human resource and IT capacity to ensure effective and continuing service. This is for sustainability issue. 
  • Monitoring and evaluation 

Palliative care is not yet readily available to all who need it and Hospice Ethiopia cannot offer this service alone. HE therefore is concentrating on strengthening relationships with the MOH and close Palliative Care organizations and well as other stakeholders. It is through the existing and new organizations, HE will continue to influence policy processes at all levels.

We are here to improve the quality of lives of our patients and their families facing life-threatening illnesses and to ensure the  people in need of palliative care in Ethiopia, who do not get it yet, have access over the coming years so they can live and die in peace from pain and with dignity.

I would like to extend my sincere and heart-felt appreciation to our friends, donors, partners, volunteers, team members who are working tirelessly to support the work we are doing. All you do to support us makes a difference and we continue to strive, with your help to reach all those in need in Ethiopia.

Tsigerada YisfaWessen

Executive director 

 Hospice -Ethiopia Exists As A Center Of Excellence Providing And Facilitating Affordable, Suitable And Accessible Palliative Care In Ethiopia