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Clinical Services:

Home Based Care: In Addis Ababa, Hospice Ethiopia nurses visit bed ridden patients in their homes on a

weekly or monthly basis depending on the patients’ condition. These services include medication administration, psychosocial and sometimes financial support.









Day care

Day Care:

For patients in need of palliative care who are not bed ridden, the HE Care Center is open to them as a walk-in clinic one day a week where we offer medication administration, support group, lunch and coffee ceremony.



Bereavement: For our patients who die, we offer counseling to the family members and a small financial gift according to Ethiopian custom.

Outreach Programs:


Training: Hospice Ethiopia provides palliative care and symptom management training to health care professionals in hospitals and health care centers. Included in the training is Morphine use according to the WHO analgesic ladder. The training is offered in collaboration with both international and local partners including government bodies.
Advocacy: Hospice Ethiopia provides information about and the need for palliative care in Ethiopia to government, community, and health care officials.  Our intention is to increase awareness and support for palliative care in the structures of our society.